2014 Submissions

Rasputin, Feat. Miku Miscellaneous Song

2013 Submissions

The Asian Invasion Techno Song
Waterflame Techno Song
Chilling Hotsprings Classical Song
Hopeful Dream (Version 2) Classical Song
Natsukage Miscellaneous Song
Swashbuckle Jig in Jog Techno Song
Bombs Away Techno Song
I Have No Burgers Techno Song

2012 Submissions

March Convention Heavy Metal Song
Progressions to Insanity Heavy Metal Song
Dropin Dimes Techno Song
Damaged Goods Dubstep Song
Criminäl Intentiöns Dubstep Song
Chillton Video Game Loop
-Shady Characters- Drum N Bass Song
Purple Cherry Bakery Miscellaneous Song
Love Will Tear Us Apart New Wave Song
Verrückt Nächte Trance Song
Our Comet Ride Techno Song
Eerie Techno Bones Techno Song
Awake and Depart Classical Song
A Frozen Inferno Techno Song
Breaking Down The City Video Game Song
Life of a Lunatic Jazz Song
-Are You Ready?- Dance Loop
The Creepy Caves Techno Loop
The Purple Cherry Road Techno Song
Frostbitten Luna Techno Song
When the Leaves all Fall Techno Loop
Ride into the Blazing Sunset Miscellaneous Loop
Runescape: Harmony, Remix Video Game Song
Zelda Oot: Lost Woods Remix Video Game Loop
Pokemon Classic Battle Remix Video Game Song
Super Mario 64: Music Medley Video Game Song
Paper Mario 2: Doopliss Remix Video Game Song
Morrowind Title Theme Remix Video Game Song
Majora's Mask Clocktown Remix Classical Loop
Goldeneye 64: Bunker 1 Remix Video Game Song
Paper Mario: Title Theme Remix Video Game Song
Paper Mario 64 Shy Guy Remix Video Game Song
Kirby 64: Pop Star lvl 1 Remix Video Game Loop
Fable: Temple of Light Remix Ambient Song
Goldeneye 64: Cradle Remix Video Game Loop
Pinball Wizard Remix Classic Rock Song
The Offspring Pretty Fly General Rock Song
The Dusty Desert Dunes Miscellaneous Song
Kitten in the Garden Classical Song
Frantic Man Techno Song
Winter Woe Classical Song
Two Sides to a Moon Dance Song
An Autumn's Breeze Classical Song
Sky Running Techno Song
Snappy Happy Video Game Loop
Life of a Twader Classical Song
Flying High in the Moonlit Sky Ambient Song
Secrets of the Night Classical Song